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Rayovac® Clear Sound Technology

Through our consumer research, patients have consistently indicated that battery performance and quality are their primary considerations when choosing a hearing aid battery. Clear Sound Technology addresses the needs of your patients like never before by providing consistent, quality performance throughout the entire life of the battery!

Benefits of Clear Sound Technology

Improved cell design provides a longer battery life* Higher discharge voltage reduces early low battery tones and limits static and unwanted noise**
Enhanced formulation and construction further extends shelf life**
Product enhancements support full-feature hearing aids**

Your Patient's Experience will be Improved

Power On Demand - Improved cell design delivers higher voltage for high-tech applications*
Consistent Battery Life - High tech formula provides clear sound and a reliable experience in everyday use
Improved Durability - Dispensing sealant where it matters most provides extended shelf life and stability in extreme conditions*

As a valued partner we are pleased to provide you with both technology enhancements and an improved, cleaner design packaging all at no added cost!

*Compared to previous Rayovac battery design.
**Compared to previous Rayovac battery design and based on ANSI Wireless Streaming test, Size 312
*Money Back Guarantee: Contact 1-800-891-6091 or visit for more details. Restrictions apply.