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All Rayovac hearing aid batteries are made to ensure

the highest quality for users

Rayovac has developed an advanced test regime that accurately reflects device and consumer requirements. Following the most recent guidelines established by ANSI and IEC, battery performance, quality, and reliability are strictly monitored assuring that you and your patients receive the very best performance battery after battery.


Our manufacturing facility in Portage, Wisconsin produces hearing aid batteries utilizing ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2008 certifications along with using Statistical Process Controls to ensure consistency of product, along with the latest quality methodology and software to continually improve systems and products.

At Rayovac, our manufacturing facilities perform the following quality checks to ensure customers receive a consistent battery every time:

  • 306 in-process tests are performed on incoming materials and during cell assembly across all 3 cell lines.
  • The latest in non contact measurement systems (i.e. vision, laser, camera) are used to assess and inspect the hearing aid batteries.
  • 69 finished cell tests are performed on each cell lot.
  • Cell performance is tested at various temperature, humidity and thermo cycle extremes.
  • Every single hearing aid battery manufactured is electrically tested for OCV and impedance prior to shipment.
  • Product and component testing is carried out to 5 years

Continuous Testing

To demonstrate our leadership in hearing aid battery performance, Rayovac has developed an advanced testing regime to accurately reflect device and consumer requirements. This exhaustive criteria simulates device drain and environmental conditions using our established protocols for evaluating critical hearing aid attributes including: current & pulse characterization; temperature & humidity; corrosion & leakage; open stand; dimensions; shelf life & reliability; in-situ hearing aid battery voltage and current and, most importantly, IEC competitive performance.

The competitive performance test protocol was established by ANSI and IEC. The results based on the this test regime prove that Rayovac Pro Line Advanced Hearing Aid Batteries are our longest lasting and most consistent performing battery in the market.

If you have questions about testing methods please call 1-800-356-7422.

Rayovac Battery Guarantee

We are so confident that your patients will be satisfied with Pro Line hearing aid batteries that we guarantee them.

Performance - Have your patients test the #1 battery for themselves. Have them compare Rayovac hearing aid batteries with any other brand by tracking how long they last. If they are unsatisfied with the life or performance of Rayovac hearing aid batteries we will refund their money!

Damage - Rayovac will repair or replace, at our option, any hearing aid damaged by our battery. Battery and hearing aid should be forwarded to Rayovac.*
*Money Back Guarantee: Contact 1-800-891-6091 for more details. Restrictions apply. Guarantee is void if the battery is or shows signs of recharge.

Educational brochures on our battery guarantee are available through your Pro Line product consultant. Please contact them at 1-800-356-7422 (USA) 1-800-387-3529 (CAN)

Environmental Commitment - Maintaining a clean environment and conserving our natural resources are issues that concern us all. Rayovac has a mission to create and maintain a working environment that is safe for our employees, the communities in which we work, and the earth on which we live. The individual parts we play in our neighborhoods and on our jobs are critical to preserving these resources for our future and that of our children.


Since hearing aid batteries were invented, mercury has been a vital component. Over time the harmful effects of mercury on the environment has become a great concern. Until recently there was no alternative for mercury in hearing aid batteries. Rayovac took this challenge and dedicated 7 years to researching and developing a mercury free zinc air battery. In 2009, Rayovac launched its first generation mercury free battery. Rayovac continues to make product innovations that are environmentally friendly and contribute to a healthier world.


Our packaging and shipping materials are made from recyclable and recycled materials when possible in our continued dedication to the environment.


  • Dedication to cleaner production and waste reduction both of Rayovac’s production plants have earned the ISO 14001 certification.
  • Previous recipient of grant from the State of Wisconsin as part of their Wisconsin Profitably Sustainable Program
  • Our packaging partners are also committed to environmental programs, focusing on CO2 emission, improvements to pollution prevention, and using renewable energy sources.
  • Your size 10, 13, and 312 Pro Line Advanced batteries are manufactured in the US and shipped direct to your office from Portage, WI; thus, reducing the carbon footprint.
  • Establishing recycling programs